April 29, 2004

Earth to Al Gore

This New York Post's Page Six headline is screamingly funny.


April 29, 2004 -- A POLITICALLY-charged disaster movie about global warming is burning up the George Bush campaign, while John Kerry backers hope "The Day After Tomorrrow" will sway eco-conscious voters to their side.

The partisan swirl surrounding the $125 million thriller is underscored by Al Gore's decision to hold a huge environmental rally just a few blocks away from the May 24 premiere at the Museum of Natural History.

Directed by "Independence Day" helmer Roland Emmerich, "The Day After Tomorrow" follows the onset of a new Ice Age just three days after the polar ice caps melt because of smokestack and tailpipe gas emissions. The flick, which stars Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal, features the flooding and freezing of New York and giant tornadoes ripping through Los Angeles.

In addition to the rally, hosted by Bush-bashing political group Moveon.org, volunteers will be recruited to hand out global warming brochures titled "Could This Really Happen?" at theaters.

Politically charged? Good God Jim, now the Dems are openly making it up!

Let me spell it out for those of you who are reality challenged, aka Lefties:


BTW-James Earl Jones is not really Darth Vader....thought you might need that cleared up too.

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