April 29, 2004

No Shit Sherlock

According to the media, Bush's numbers are down and support for the war is fading. Well, D'oh! dudes. Your campaign to defeat Bush and the military is working, at last. The media was getting worried for a while, it looked like we might easily win in Iraq, but five months of wall-to-wall anti-Bush media and Dem coverage has taken it's toll.

Kerry, his Dem surrogates and the media are giving the insurgents reason to fight and hope. They are now convinced that we will cut and run if they can continue to feed the media's hate-Bush machine with deaths and destruction and elect Kerry.

I don't think so, while the President's numbers are taking a hit under a massive media campaign to defeat him, a majority still do not trust the Democrats to protect us and there is nothing Kerry can do to change that perception.

Would you buy a used car from this guy?

Kerry's jabs at Bush grow more personal

'Fired-up' rival hits president on Iraq, job losses

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Senator John F. Kerry, whose attacks on President Bush this week have becoming increasingly personal in tone, told voters yesterday that the Iraq occupation was faltering because of Bush's own ''pride" and that the president was afraid to ''look the people in the eye who have lost their job."

This from a man who flies in a hair cutter on a private jet to tend to his hair before a TV appearance. Of course Kerry would think that holding to an announced policy or position is "stubborn" because he can't decide from day to day what he believes.

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