April 29, 2004

Let's Play: Who do you trust?

You can't make this stuff up! Although Musings From Brian J. Noggle can and did:

World Exclusive!

It's common knowledge that John Kerry communes with dolphins:
"He[President Bush] thinks that empty slogans like the 'Clear Skies' initiative and the 'Healthy Forest' initiative -- that somehow names that would make George Orwell rise up and cheer -- that those names will make people forget what is really happening in our country."

Almost on cue, a dolphin slipped through the water. "There he is over there," Kerry said. "He says, 'help, help, help."'

"Help, help, help," is not all the dolphin had to say. We here at All Things Belittled have an exclusive interview with Kerry's guest star. (Warning: 2.7 Mb Mp3).

Okay, Senator Kerry you have the means to help poor Charlie and his kin, call upon the H.J. Heinz Company to stop killing dolphins in the Pacific fishery.

Wut? Wha? I hear you ask.

Once again Kerry is caught in a web of his own weaving by his pandering to the green lobby. He enjoys the jets, ski lodges, SUV's, yachts and mansions provided by the Heinz family holdings, yet says nothing about the largest canner of tuna in the US and their impact on dolphin populations. Is this really a man concerned about dolphin mortality and mercury-tainted canned tuna being served to the nation's children?

(hat tip to Thief's Den...host of the next COTV)

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