December 16, 2004

Bears, Bears & Mo' Bears

Today is the last day of the Friends of Iraq Blogger's Challenge.

So far, the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge has raised $89375.00. That is awesome! Thank you!

Looks like the North Alliance will win the challenage, but there are no losers in this endeavour, take the quiz, mail the html code to soa(at)foolsblog(dot)com and help us win hearts and minds:

What Kind of Bear Are You?

Foolsblog would like to thank all who played along and has donated $75 to date, a dollar for each reader who hit the quiz and emailed a copy of their HTML results to soa(at)foolsblog(dot)com.

Today Foolsblog will donate $5 for each of you clever folk who take the quiz and email the results html to soa(at)foolsblog(dot)com.

How about How about making a donation right now! Any amount is greatly appreciated and it's tax-deductible!

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