August 17, 2004

Press Poodle Dogs

Whilst purusing the SF Chron's Op-Eds over lunch, usually a sure fire recipe for heartburn, a lede over Egypt Dionne's byline leapt off the page. "To Stop the spin, Kerry must speak"

Wowser! By Crikey! At last, hard questions will be asked of John Kerry, full disclosure of military records demanded, straight answers expected.


Dionne, in essense, defends Kerry's flip-flops by ennumerating Bush's distortions and lies of Kerry's sound positions and votes. Kerry isn't as much a flip-flopper as Bush is a liar. The close sums up the entire exercise as little more than bald partisan flackery:

The real tests of Kerry's toughness will be whether he can explain himself clearly and whether he can force Bush to defend views that the president would prefer that the public not know he holds.

Dionne ignores the furor swirling around Kerry's disputed Vietnam record.

Not. One. Word.

This is our watchdog press? George Will was routinely ridiculed by the Washington press corps as Nancy Reagan's lapdog, yet the media poodles can't seem to get enough of the Heinz Kerry dog food.

NOTE: The Chronicle thoughtfully re-titled Dionne's WaPo lede "A Test of Toughness" for the simple folks in Rio Linda.

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