August 17, 2004

Fashion, Smashion

Lileks touched my last good nerve today with his Fall fashion preview as catalog after catalog packed with the worst looking, ill-fitting merchandise at outrageous prices arrives daily at the Feste manse. What are these people thinking? Oh, that's right, it's FASHION. No thinking or taste necessary, just heaps of attitude, a willingness to look really foolish and a platinum credit card are required.

Firstly, I must advise James to shop at better stores. Ponchos for $29.95? Puhleeze! Glide into the lux environs of Neiman-Marcus and one can have this little number in mahogany mink to cover one's elbows and upper torso for a mere $2995.00! [That the PETA crowd will be very annoyed may be a side benefit, depending on the amount of spray paint such an item acquires.]

Although, one suspects this poncho, or one a little less pricey, may appear at Jasperwood. Is this cute or what?

However, cute is not under discussion, crappola is.

Perhaps The Lawyerly Wife would care to attend court in a silky half-slip and pink open-toed pumps? Such an outfit will most certainly confuse the opposition, Hizzoner and security.

Is this not the perfect shirt to skulk around the local Target Home Decor department, snapping up future yard sale items?

Lastly, Child Protective Services really should hunt down and sterilize parents who would do this to a child.

Now we know why Land's End, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy and their ilk do so well. Comfy, long lasting, reasonably priced clothing in natural fabrics and simple colors that bump along in our daily rut with a minimum of care. After we reach the age of majority, most of us simply are not interested in slavishly following fashion dictates, regurgitated 60's/70's themes, dress as an absent-minded tart, a Brit Bad Seed or wear a Peter Max explosion, at any price.

Of course, having said that, I must have one of these for the upcoming Hallothanksmas Eve celebrations.

The buyers at NM are indeed all aflutter.

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