August 08, 2004

A kOOl kArNiVAl KaT

SuNDaE! YeSh, yUO knOWEd tHat, bUT Eyes hAFtA saYH iT aNYhowZ...cOz iT'Z CarnIVAl oF tHe KatZ dAy!!

MEEt PePiTa, meYes gOOd bUDdy wHO liVEz nEXt dOOr. He'Z rEAl nICe 'n teACheD mEese to rOLl in tHe dIRt. PePiTa liKEs tO sIt iN oUR gARden a lOT cOz it'Z nICe n cOOl.


FeSte sEz PePiTA lOOkz lIke a cAt tHat LiVed wITh FeStE mANy yEArz aGo.

EyeS duNNo, Weese lOOks fOr a piCTher tO pOSt L8tEr.


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