August 08, 2004

Required Reading

Tacitus lays out Kerry's plan for world-wide disengagement and retreat in the war on terror. This seem to indicate that Kerry will hang Pakistan's Musharraf out to dry in order to stir profitable oil deals to the French in exchange for token support?

Kerry's plan is patently absurd.

In his own words in a recent NPR interview, Kerry will withdraw from Iraq within a year.


Inskeep: Moving on to another subject, now -- Iraq. You have said that you would try harder to bring in America's allies. But, that said, if you look ahead a year, two years, if you win this election, how is the situation on the ground in Iraq going to be any different than it is now?

Kerry: Well, it has to be different from the way it is now. It is not safe today. It is not working for Iraqis. I believe it is critical to our success to have a fresh start. This President, regrettably, rushed to war, without a plan to win the peace, he pushed our allies aside, we've lost our credibility with the world, we need to restore that. And I think I can do that.

Inskeep: This is what I'm wondering, though: In a year from now, since you do want to remain committed to Iraq, isn't it the case that there will still be many, many thousands of American troops there, still fighting the insurgents if the insurgents want to fight?

Kerry: Ah, no, not necessarily at all, because I think our diplomacy can produce a very different ingredient on the ground. And if it can't produce a different ingredient on the ground, lemme tell you something, that says something about what Iraqis want, and what the people in the region want. I believe that within a year from now, we could significantly reduce American forces in Iraq. And, ah, that's my plan.

Kerry sounds pretty sure of himself and his ability to bring hostile "allies" on board. Has Kerry been negotiating as a "shadow government"?

Inskeep: Regarding the effort to reduce the burden on the National Guard -- you've promised there will be an additional 40,000 US troops. You've said --

Kerry: Active duty. Not in Iraq.

Inskeep: -- and you want to double the size of the Special Forces.

Kerry: Yes.

Inskeep: Given that it will take some time to build up those forces --

Kerry: Yes it will.

Inskeep: -- and given that you want to reduce the number of US troops in Iraq rather quickly, within a few months after assuming office --

Kerry: Well, those are two different situations.

Inskeep: Well, I want to know -- the question is, I want to know where are you intending for those troops to be used?

Kerry: We have huge obligations around the world still. North Korea ... we have Europe ... uh, Bosnia, Kosovo. We're not even doing what we probably ought to be doing in Darfur, in Africa. This Administration never responded fast enough to Liberia because of how overextended we are. So I believe --

Edwards: And reducing the burden on our Reserves and our Guard.

Kerry: -- the way you do it is by getting those active duty in place over a period of time. Now, ultimately, I want to reduce the size. I want to reduce the deployments. And if we have the proper effort over the next few years, my vision with respect to North Korea, and our presence in Europe, if the European defense force emerges, as they are talking of it, we can begin really bring some of America's troops home and begin to reduce our overall military burden. But for the moment, for this moment in time, we need these extra personnel.

Inskeep: Senators John Kerry and John Edwards, thanks very much.

Edwards obsequiousness is very revealing as to the depths a man will sink to keep his political options alive.

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