June 28, 2004

No Bias Here, Nope.

The media is determined to spin the Iraqi handover as failure, the SF Chronicle joined the Harpy choir with this front page lede: "Hopes for Iraq security fading", a morose article of impending doom one expects from the Chron. However Bush & Co outfoxed the media with what the Chron nows calls "The Stealth Handoff. "

One really must laugh at the heavy-handed layout of the new page...it amused me so much that snapped a screenshot:

Even considering that the Chronicle is singing to the hate-Bush choir, it is still a stunning display of bias in a major newspaper. I'm surprised they didn't work in an image or two of smouldering rubble, bleeding Arab children and Joo soldiers....some of their dimmer readers may not pick up on such a sutble message.

Jeebus. Fair? Balanced? News? W.R. must be smiling as the formerly moderate Chronicle embraces yellow journalism.

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