June 27, 2004

Now We Dance COTC #15

Welcome to Carnival of the Cats ...turn up your speakers...it's nude cat dancing and singing!! Who could possibly want more?

KittyKat Dance

Click here for Kayla's dance

- nUDe Boy cAT DanCing?

Nevermind, Mol.

On to the cats in no particular order...as we cats got a short attention span, ya know.

Watermark asks Is Your Pet An Earthling?

Feak of One Fang Fame resides with Thomas at Bloggg and is in for a big surprise.

Sissy's been hitting the ole digital camera to great effect: "Don't mess with the pets" ... "Think kind thoughts about a pussycat"... "A cat can look at a filet" and My cat disagrees with the premise of your question

Mog sends a pix of her comfy bed, the pillows with ears are a tad unsettling though..I hope theys ain't stuffed.

EeeKK...ShtUFfeD kAT eARZ? wUt? oH.

Robb at Sharpmarbles sends a cool black & white pix of Hudson

Meryl's Tig is into sneaker games, big time and by the look of his ears he plans to keep that one.

Lair brings up the rear with a Frisky chair cushion.

A late entry from Mr. Minority...everyone give a shout out to Beamer Stalker of Rodents from the Left!

aNd sO iT gOEs...anOTheR COTC shOT to hEll. --mOlly

[CATNIP: Feste pointed out that the looped Flash file will make everyone nuts, please follow the link to view. Check with Is Full Of Crap for next weeks carnival and don't forget to lick the kitchen counters after your human goes to sleep. --thanks for playing along, and I hope this annoys the p*ss out of John Dvorak --Zozo]

Michele does a number on John Dvorak for pissing on blogging for the upteenth time. Zozo's retort followed a KSFO radio interview the previous afternoon, wherein Dvorak went on at length about hating cat bloggers. When cat blogs begin to mock you, it may be mildly annoying ...but when Michele seriously sticks a fork in: you're done.

Posted by feste at June 27, 2004 09:11 PM | TrackBack

Thanks for doing it this week, kitties!

Posted by: Laurence Simon at June 28, 2004 10:26 AM

Anytime! Thanks for the loan of the tent.

Posted by: zozo at June 28, 2004 02:08 PM
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