March 31, 2004

I'm With Her

Listen up.

I'm editing my words this morning. Michele as usual, was on point.

I reacted in anger, and that reduces me to the same level as men who multilate bodies and encourage children to hate blindly. This is the same mentality that dresses toddlers in suicide belts and sends 13 yr olds to their deaths as martyrs. We are not that.

I thought about the images that made me so angry. That the celebrants on the bridge were mostly children and youths. That should fill us with as much rage as the henious acts in which they they participated. We must somehow change the cultural impulse to celebrate and admire death, be it an enemy or a martyr by replacing it with another message.

No, I am not saying we join hands and sing Kumbayah with the citizens of Fallujah, or cut and run, but we need to take a deep breath and not act from anger or we become that which we abhor. The military will deal with the Ba'athists and terrorists of Fallujah, in the time and manner of their choosing.

So, I am posting an image that gives us and Iraqi children hope.

Operation Give

Please visit Operation Give and donate today, that is how we stop the hatred that fueled the savagery in Fallujah, one child at a time. It is going to be a long haul, but we really have no choice and eventually Arabic children will celebrate life and their own achievements, not death.

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