March 31, 2004

Whatever Happened to Miss Gulch?

Tonight on Fox, SecState Madeline Albright claimed that Bush is making the Arab world hate us even more.

Excuse me, Madam Secretary, but how does wishing us merely dead under your stewardship, to sincerely dead make a whit of difference?

The Clintonistas really don't get it, but according to Newsweek, 65% of us do.

A strong majority (65%) of Americans say former President Bill Clinton and his administration did not take the threat of global terrorism seriously enough (26% disagree), while a majority (61%) of Americans say President George W. Bush and his administration have taken the threat as seriously as they should have (34% disagree).

Why is this arrogant bint trotted out by the Dems as if her opinion and record is an asset, she's about as relevant and helpful to the dialog as is Henry "I gag at the thought" Kissinger.

I'm begging all news producers, please for the love of God, keep Albright, Haig and Kissinger off TV.

Posted by feste at March 31, 2004 07:01 PM | TrackBack

Maddy half-bright will do anything to delay the moment when peopl realize that she allowed N. Korea to develop an atomic bomb. History will judge her by that little bit of farce. Let a DPRK nuke go off somewhere and Clinton(and Maddie's) Foreign policy will go from a total failure to the worst in the history of western civilization. The pair has really raised the bar for screwing up international politics. But I'm sure that johnny Nam is up to the challenge. I can think of nothing more scary then France with Americas power. Not even OBL ruling the world would be that bad.

Posted by: ableiter at April 1, 2004 11:49 PM
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