March 03, 2004

The VLWC Takes Wing

This item from Tim at Four Right Wing Wackos:

The long talked-about liberal talk radio network has finally found an affiliate in New York - WLIB-AM, The Post has learned.

Air America, as the network will be known, is also expected to announce that outspoken comedian Janeane Garofalo will join pit-bull humorist Al Franken in its line-up.

South Florida liberal Randi Rhodes will follow Franken and be up against Sean Hannity (WABC), Bill O'Reilly and Bob Grant (both on WOR) in New York.

She told her West Palm Beach listeners this week that she plans to "bury" Hannity and Grant.


"Air America" They're kidding, right? Not even the anti-war Left is that obtuse.

However, the Left is bereft of ideas and intellectually if not factually dishonest, as this data set at American RealPolitik amply demonstrates.

Now we will see if the American public is as gullible as the left believes.

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