March 03, 2004

Wictory Wednesday Roundup

Slings and Arrows has a very good post on the Bush tax cuts and a bit of data the Dems don't want you to know.

Linda at Civilizations Calls pens an excellent rant on the failed gun grab yesterday. Note that Kerry, who has missed every vote this year, made a point of voting for the Dem amendments. Maybe next time Feinstein and Schumer will not call a gloatfest press op before the final vote. The Dems were uniformly shocked that the Repubs withdrew the bill rather than pass their amendments....looks like election year is going to be very interesting as the GOP Senate plays Lucy to Kerry's Charlie Brown.

Right On The Left Beach says of his computer-voting machine experience yesterday:

The system is creepy. You sign in and they give you a piece of paper with numbers on it. Then you hand the paper to a person at a terminal that gives you a "secret number." I felt like my voting privacy was violated at that point. It seems like entry of the numbers in the terminal is a way to track my ballot back to me. The person at the terminal knew when I "cast" my ballot. I felt creepy again. Does the terminal operator know how I voted?

The operation of the terminal is stupid. It seems designed for stupid people.

Uh-oh, it's going to be Palm Beach all over again.

John Cross says that

Bush has been right on the BIG things has really pissed off the people that don't like him on an emotional level. This includes a lot of Democrats and liberals.

So, since the anti-Bush crowd has an emotional dislike of GWB, they are trying their damndest to find reasons to vote against him.

What people are missing, though, is the following:

"What is the alternative?"

The Left might ponder the fate of the car-chasing dog who finally caught one.

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