January 21, 2003

This n that

Meryl posts a very funny FOTR link...a must read for LOTR fans. Hard to decided if it is a put-on or a huge misunderstanding of English and the storyline.

Seems I also am not clear on a few things...the MLK letter is a hoax. Gees, do I feel dumb. A very good lesson in doing one's own research. Can't get back into the work groove this morning...sort of laid in bed and took inventory...seeing if anything might be noteworthy of a sick day. Nope. Of course being the first workday of the week a wet storm moved in and dumped our morning commute. Grand.

Yikes! it's already afternoon and I just returned to the entry screen where my morning posting sits unfinished....got sidetracked with um, work! Okay so now it's a apres lunch posting. Which BTW was very nice smoked salmon caught right outside the Gate.

Posted by feste at January 21, 2003 03:00 PM
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