January 21, 2003

Color Spots

It's very grey and drab today...here's a little bit of last summer's color to warm us up. I pruned and planted roses over the weekend and am looking forward to the new climbing rose varieties. The planting of roses is such a leap of faith...blossoms tumble from the pages of a catalog, bare gnarled stems arrive in the mail to be stuck into winter soil. The lush growth and riot of color that ensues is indeed a miracle. I did a major garden overhaul and refurbish in mid-summer...it was hell of a lot of work. I painted the fence a dark English garden green...it is very calming. We may enjoy the rewards this spring and summer...if Harley doesn't rip it all to bits. He is climbing through pots, beds everywhere he can reach. Why is it I got a pup again? Oh...that right..cuz they're cute. Right.

The above photo reminds me that Zoe was such a good kitten...toes right up to the open door but no farther. We have a 40% cat fatality rate going since we moved to the hill...so Zoe and Molly are inside cats. Molly is not happy about it as you can see by her glare...she toasted the window screen in retaliation.

In the summer, the Bay Area has cold foggy miserable mornings and evenings until September when the valley thermals shift and the coastal fog dissipates. We have the most stunning sunsets over the Bay in Sept-Oct. One no longer needs a parka to enjoy evening walks. Neighbors drift out to their decks and balconies...adult beverage in hand...snippets of music float over the canyon...the tip of Sather Tower peeks over the ridge as the bells softly strike the hour. It's a nice finish to the day. The sun sets behind Mt. Tam for a week or so creating a Mt. Doom-like tableaux...Marin is as close to Mordor as I want to come.

update: I swapped out a couple of the images from my archives.

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