May 01, 2005

Hello, I must be going

Jan 15, 2005:

Some maybe be wondering why so little posting of late? I just can't work up any interest in the current political/news cycle. Maybe it's election burnout or information overload, perhaps a bit of both. I find that I'm simply shoveling better informed, smarter, more thoughtful blogger's content to remain current and not doing that very well so it's time for a change.

I believe warbloggers, collectively, made a huge difference after 9/11 and leveled the information playing field by challenging the MSM's bias. Blogging the past two years was exciting and addictive, especially the run-up to Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the election cycle. No matter how small my role, I am proud to have been part of The Command Post and creating a citizen-driven, information medium.

However, blogging, like all addictions, takes control of your life and eventually you wake up one morning and the buzz is gone, it's no longer fun. While my blog jones hasn't resulted in pawning the family jewels or electronics, it has taken time from my family and increased career-related time pressure to an unsustainable pitch.

Rachel Lucas's departure and return, made me realize that I too need to step back for a while to regain my perspective and choose a new direction...and like Rachel perhaps a new blog name and meme, who knows?

-- Feste

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I'll miss your comments and links. Thanks
for all your excellent work. I'll keep checking back regardless!


Posted by: jaspar at January 16, 2005 11:01 AM
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