January 02, 2005

COTC #41

I am not in a mood for zany today, so I'll just post the photos I prepared for Carnival of the Cats, ably hosted by Daphne, Chloe and Matt at MartiniPundit. These are two of my favorite snaps of Zak, it's hard to believe these were taken 25 years ago, seems like only yesterday that he graced our lives.

I was photographing a hummingbird nest in our patio vines and looked down to see him sitting at my feet, watching with his eyes closed as cats are wont to do...his coloring perfectly blending with the rose brick.

(click for a large image)

This one is self-explantory: winter sun + warm pool coping = snoozing cat.

UPDATE: Can't get enough of cute cat & dog pix? Check out Steve's Friday Ark at The Modulator.

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