November 03, 2004

Works For Me

The LLama Butchers get down:

Dan Rather to Ed "Avast, Mateys" Bradley:

DAN RATHER: One would expect that the blogging machine which the White House and the Bush-Cheney campaign has used for any number of purposes over their four years will start now, if it hasn't started already, to say, listen, Kerry-Edwards, for the good of the country, need to concede.

ED BRADLEY: I'm sure it's started already. If we could tune into the Internet we'd see that people are already saying that now. That's certainly the drum the White House is beating.

We need a flying monkey theme---we're Karl Rove's winged monkeys, or something like that. Gordon?

Definitely set to a James Brown beat, though, something like this:

Get up get up get up

get on up
stay on the scene

get on up
like a Blogging Machine.
Get on up
get up
Shake your arm
then use your form.
Stay on the scene like a Blog Machine.
You gotta have the feeling
sure as you're born.
Get it together
right on
right on

get up
get up
get up

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