September 15, 2004

COTV #104

Carnival of the Vanities, The Second Year, as it will no doubt be known on DVD release, is up at Silflay Hraka where it began.

The Carnival Turns Two
When I first started the Carnival I never expected it to last for a year. Last year around this time, had you asked me if it would last another, I would have considered the possibility for a moment or two before answering, "Nah."

I'm a candle in the darkness, I am. In fact, the long life of the Carnival--long in terms of the Internet, that is, for if a calendar year is the equivalent of seven for a dog then surely it is something along the lines of a decade in Internet time--is due to the fact that, not only does it keep on keeping on, something that I've long considered essential to blogging success, it's developed the primary characteristic of a successful meme--the ability to survive and prosper in a changing environment.

Aw shucks Sid, you're much too modest, your inspiration and dedication to the meme keeps the Carnival rolling as much as the creative spark you lit two years ago.

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