August 15, 2004

Hurricanes, Windbags and The French

I've gone quiet for a few days as the news cycled into the partisan black hole of August recess and quite frankly I couldn't give a damn, my dear.

Hurricane Charley: I totally agree with Robert Tagorda; it's obviously a Republican plot to skew Florida into the GOP electoral column. The tip off? Cuba.

Outside The Beltway sums it up:
NBC + the Olympics = B-O-R-I-N-G. TV.

Wouldn’t the billion's spent on this relic of the Cold War and network ad fest be put to better use? Two weeks of Couric and crew alternately sobbing over trumped up soap operas or playing the Ugly American condescendingly slurping up an artificial layer of local customs is not my idea of must-see TV.

SwiftVetGate: James Carville and Lanny Davis tag-teaming John O'Neill on CNN's Crossfire capped a week of Cambodia Deja vu, Dem lawyers, bullies and party blow hards running the ad hominem "Ken Starr" gambit only served to make the SwiftVets appear more sympathetic as Kerry's version continues to unravel. What next, parsing what the meaning of "inside" is?

Via Instapundit, The American Thinker offers the most illuminating political posting of the week and one that should give Kerry supporters pause: The roots of French policy.

The thesis begins with an understanding that the post WW II world will be split into a US-dominated bloc and a Russian-dominated bloc. Kojeve called on France to develop a third bloc -- which he called the Latin bloc. This bloc would be composed of groups of nations bordering the Mediterranean and which share a certain cultural sensibility. He advocated for an economic alliance which presciently resembles the European Union. Tellingly, he also called for an accommodation and partnership with Islamic nations, and stated that this unity can be based on a mutual opposition to other trends (the enemy of my enemy is my friend).

In the glorious future he foretold, France would reign over this transnational alliance of nations as primus inter pares. Only this transformation would ensure continued French power in opposition to the Anglo alliance lead by America.

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