July 24, 2004


From American Digest, comes this tidbit:

Gone But Not Forgotten, Part 2

Talon News is reporting Kerry Anti-Terror Plan Removed From Campaign Web Site After Berger Revelation

Here are the relevant items that seem to have been disappeared. It would be interesting to triangulate between the items Berger stole and how they might relate to these anti-terror positions taken by the Kerry team. On one hand, their current claim is that they didn't know anything about Berger's thefts, and that no documents had been seen or used in the making of the foreign policy Berger was working with them to forumulate. Okay, but if we knew what documents Berger stole, then we could judge if anything in them was used to inform the policy positions that conveniently went missing today. Perhaps some responsible newspaper could get the FOIA working here.

Shortly after news broke that former Clinton administration National Security Advisor Samuel "Sandy" Berger was being investigated by the Justice Department for illegally removing highly classified documents from the National Archives, the presidential campaign of Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) removed its anti-terror plan from its web site.

Responsible newspaper is an oxymoron for starters, however, if you read on this graf is interesting:

Key portions of the policy removed from the web site included the following three passages:

  • To improve security in commerce, John Kerry believes we should accelerate the timetable for the action plans agreed to in the U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico "smart border" accords as well as implement security measures for cross-border bridges. Finally John Kerry will pursue modest safety standards for privately held infrastructure and will help owners find economical ways to pay for increased security.

  • Juxtaposed with this story we begin to wonder who is kidding whom?

    Border watch group claims to sneak fake WMD into US

    TUCSON - A border watch group claims it successfully sneaked into the United States carrying a fake weapon of mass destruction.

    American Border Patrol spokesman Glenn Spencer told the Arizona Daily Star the test was intended to show how easy it would be for terrorists to sneak deadly weapons across the border.

    Mike King, a former Army sniper who was assigned to Fort Huachuca as a National Guardsman after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, said he's hoping the demonstration will help convince government leaders that the country's southern border is a national security risk.

    "I mean, you have people with backpacks, bottles of water and zero training coming across. I just wanted to show how easy this is for somebody with training to come into this country," said King, who now works as a technical director for the border-watch group.

    Two members of the group carried a suitcase in a backpack into Arizona west of Naco Monday night.

    One American Border Patrol member said the two men crossed a border fence that separates the United States from Mexico, then headed to a house in Sierra Vista without detection.

    The Border Patrol had no immediate comment on the claim by the Sierra Vista-based group.

    The Mexican government is checking a videotape and may enter a formal complaint with the United States government.

    Mexico may lodge a formal complaint that Americans are illegally crossing the Mexican border at night? Jesucristoenunabicicleta.

    We are so screwed.

    Posted by feste at July 24, 2004 02:04 PM | TrackBack

    I think the Mexican government is just pissed at them for not paying the bribes - err, access fees.

    Posted by: Chris of Dangerous Logic at July 25, 2004 01:41 PM

    That is such a paradoxical irony. Mexico lodges a complaint about our own citizens crossing the border. Who would have thunk?

    Posted by: kat-missouri at July 27, 2004 10:05 PM
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