July 18, 2004

Memories of Pi

WhEE, iT'z sUNdaE 'n wE'Re bAAAcK!. CarNIvaL of The CaTZ is uP at MOOseY FaTE.

tHiz pICTheR iZ mY fREn Pi mAKinG lIKe an eLEFanT...sHe wUz a cRaZY cAt...an mEEze miSSes hER. LoTZ.

Posted by Zozo at July 18, 2004 03:44 PM | TrackBack

She does look like an elephant but Edloe's butt looks like an elephant's butt, really big.

Posted by: mog at July 18, 2004 05:54 PM

Unfortunately whatever Pi was watching may have been her undoing. I found her dead by the side of the road a few hours later...two years ago today. I couldn't look at this photo for very long time.

Posted by: feste at July 18, 2004 07:16 PM
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