July 11, 2004

All Decked Out:COTC

yEP, iT'z SunDAe aNd tIMe 4 COTC. We mISSed LaST wEEkz, we DiD, cUz FeSTe lEFT toWN 'n tURNeD oFF tHe coMPUtR...kiLLjOy.

He'Rez kiTTen ZoE oN tHe frONt DeCK...sHe mADe meeSA pOSt iT, rEaLLy...sHE'z vweRY mEAn an tRIcksY.


[Catnip: Carnival of the Cats is up at Lair's. Do not miss this week's Edloe pix. Newcomers: click here for Feste's archive of cat & dog pix. --Zozo]

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