May 25, 2004

De Nile Changes Course

Now Runs Through Europe.

The constant drumbeat from the Dems is that Europe holds the key to success in the war on terror. That they alone possess the wisdom to solve the dilemma of radical Islam vs the West.

This headline in the EUObserver demonstrates the EU turning a blind eye to the gathering storm that has yet to reach their shores by denying that "the clash of civilizations" began three years ago on a clear September morning.

Patten: EU handling of Turkey crucial to avert Islam-West clash

External relations Commissioner Chris Patten yesterday (24 May) said that the EU's handling of the Turkish bid for EU membership is a crucial factor in avoiding a clash between the West and the Islamic world.

Speaking at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Mr Patten argued that the correct treatment of Turkey by the EU would help avert the scenario of a "clash of civilizations" between the western and Islamic world - as famously predicted by the political scientist Samuel Huntington in 1993.


Europe: not to be defined by religion
But he strongly rejected defining the EU as a "Christian" club - which would make it impossible for Turkey as an Islamic country to join.

"The proposition that Europe can be defined by religion is a false one, not to say dangerous. In many ways, the European Union is a reaction against the idea that we can define ourselves by religion or ethnicity, and thus define others as beyond consideration".

Oh really? Patten is not only out of the news loop, but doesn't seem to be aware of power struggles within his own organization.

Row over Christianity in the Constitution heats up.

Seven member states - Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Slovakia - sent a letter to the Irish EU Presidency on Friday demanding that there be a reference to Christianity in the Constitution.

"This issue remains a priority for our Governments, but also for many representatives of the European Parliament and of National Parliaments, as well as for millions of European citizens", says their letter.

It goes on: "The amendment we ask for is aimed to recognize an historical truth. We do not want to disregard neither the secular nature of the European Institutions, nor the respect of any other religious or philosophical belief".

At the moment, the preamble to the text refers to the "cultural, religious and humanist inheritance of Europe".

At the other end of the scale, France and Belgium remain firmly opposed to mentioning Christianity.

These are the bureaucrats Senator Biden and his political ilk are looking to for solutions in a crisis? They cannot agree on the most basic of prinicipals of self-governance.

Kerry may seek to bribe Old Europe with loot from Iraq to put the Liberal stamp of approval on the face of the Iraqi operation, but they will not risk angering the large disaffected Muslim populations within their own borders. They will never be participants in the war on terror for they have already surrendered.

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