May 22, 2004

Yes. No. Maybe.

I must admit that watching and listening to John Kerry makes me miss Bill Clinton, at least you knew that if his lips were moving, he was lying.

From John Kerry's Senate site:

I have long supported comprehensive campaign finance reform to take special interest dollars out of this political system. I have demonstrated my commitment to campaign finance reform in my Senate races - where I have always refused to take PAC money, and in my legislative priorities in the Senate - where I have consistently cosponsored the McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform bill. I have also cosponsored more sweeping reform measures, including Clean Money legislation that would, like the Clean Elections Law approved by Massachusetts voters in 1998, provide candidates with an alternative to the current system of raising and spending private money to finance congressional campaigns, instead giving them the chance to pay for their expenditures with grants from a campaign trust fund.

Then this story pops into the black hole of the Friday news cycle:

Public funding worries for Kerry
He might postpone accepting nomination to gain time to use cash

Boston -- Sen. John Kerry is considering an unprecedented delay of his acceptance of the Democratic presidential nomination until five weeks after the party's July convention so he may continue spending the tens of millions of dollars he has raised for the primary season, his aides said Friday.

If he goes through with the idea, which might require the approval of the Federal Election Commission, Kerry would still give a culminating speech amid the traditional pomp and circumstance of his party's convention in Boston in late July. But he would formally accept his nomination at about the time President Bush does at the Republican convention in New York in early September, aides said.

This has to be a trial balloon floated by his campaign, not even Kerry is ham-fisted enough to give the GOP this issue and risk convention TV coverage by not accepting the nomination in Boston.

Of course Kerry being Kerry, as this story was breaking he was quoted:

Kerry, asked aboard his campaign plane whether he would accept the nomination in July, grinned and said, "I will accept the nomination."

John Kerry has the charm of Michael Dukakis and the campaign skills of Al Gore.

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