April 05, 2004

Monday, Monday...

Catching up...Laughing Wolf asks the question that has been on my mind since the imagery from Fallujah aired. It is obvious that media anti-war/anti-American bias is the elephant in the world media's living room, when will they police and censure their own? Wait...I know. Never.

Baldilocks posts a dissing of Air America...not the lame content...that's a given...but their take-over of a black community radio station in the NYC market. Way to go guys.

One would think the Dems would have a boffo campaign given that the mass-media/marketing and entertainment industry are avowed supporters...how to explain the darth of ideas and crappy presentation. The Back Country Conservative comments on their latest effort at cleverness. Nor can Kerry come up with a resonating campaign motto..."A New Direction For America"?

Yeah, as in a hard left turn at speed onto a short pier.

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