March 12, 2004

57 Varieties of Fudge

Senator John Kerry on job loss, out-sourcing and company off-shoring, claims that "Over 2.7 million manufacturing jobs have been lost since President Bush took office." The graf below is a quote from the Kerry website:

Make Trade Work for America. The Bush Administration has neglected to enforce trade laws or respond to the unfair practices of some of our nation's largest trading partners. As President, John Kerry will: order an immediate 120 day top to bottom review of all trade agreements to ensure that foreign nations fully comply with trade agreements they sign with our country; vigorously enforce our trade laws to ensure our workers are not victims of unfair trading practices; insist future trade agreements incorporate within them core labor standards and environmental protections; demand that other countries, such as China, do not manipulate their currencies to gain unfair trade advantages; and help any workers displaced by trade develop new skills and find new jobs.


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Seems John Kerry may have a little credibility problem in his own household.

John Kerry likes to talk rough with the guys at the plant, as in his remarks about the GOP recently. However, Kerry is a wealthy aristocrat from a privilaged background, with an even wealthier wife, both whom enjoy profits derived in ever larger percentages from global operations. Heinz recently acquired a majority stake in an Argentine pet food producer, Alimentos Pilar, are the wages and benefits on a par with those in Ohio?

Heinz Co is the number two producer of dog food in the US, guess we'll see if the voters eat the Kerry brand.

UPDATE: Fox News reported that 53 of Heinz's 57 factories are off-shore.

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The interests of big business are driving the off shoring of jobs. EVERY professional job is at risk of being off shored due to labor arbitrage NOT free market dynamics!

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Posted by: Raymond Pairan Jr at March 14, 2004 04:50 PM
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