March 05, 2004

So There!

Depressed that the Domestic Goddess is headed for the slammer? Need a good laugh Bunky? Well, Michele is always happy to oblige, as are a small coterie of overwrought Leftie trolls (hmmm...that may be a redundant description).

RALL RULES! All you fascists eat your own shit on tablecloths with eyeholes cut out. I can't even begin to say how superior we are to you! Kerry, Hillary, Dean, etc are the future! There is no room for your hate mongering, tiny brained, cross burning kind in our new world order. We will remake the world in our image. All out war - no more fascist conservatives!

If this rant is indicative of the quality of thought emanating from the Left, then they are indeed in deep doo-doo.

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