January 29, 2004

A Black Thursday

Let me make this very clear, I condemn the appalling murder of ten innocent civilians and the horrific wounding of dozens in Jerusalem today and wince at media coverage of such carnage, but I applaud this move to counter the world media's obsession with portraying Palistinan terrorists as victims.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has decided to release a movie showing "bloody" pictures from Thursday's suicide bombing on a bus in Jerusalem in advance of a hearing over the West Bank security fence at the International Court at the Hague.

Out of concern for victims and respect for the dead, the Israeli government has allowed the PLO shape this issue far too long. No, I won't be viewing the video, but I hope some of the naive American lefties who empower this crime against humanity do so.

The link is here , be warned it is said to be very graphic.

For ongoing coverage and opinion check Israpundit, Lair, LGF, Meryl and The Command Post.

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