January 06, 2004

"One more such victory and I am lost"

Banagor is a must read today:

If you believe the Left and their ilk, doing nothing will "create less terrorism", which is patently stupid as the terrorists themselves have never said such things and there is no reason to ever believe that they ever will say these things. If you believe the Left, you fear everything will create more terrorism, that nothing is justified, and that we should all meekly listen and live under subjugation.

This is exactly what the unfortunate passengers aboard the doomed flights thought on 9/11...don't fight back, they'll land make their demands and we'll be fine. When the remarkable Americans on Flt 93 learned of the situation, they decided to take control of their fate, striking the first blow in the the war against terrorism. The Left might argue that it was futile, they still died, but how many lives did they spare? The passive Left simply doesn't understand the concept or necessity of self-defense, mainly because millions of Americans before them provided the security they take for granted.

9/11 is proof of the Left's failure. Ask yourself a simple question: how could 9/11 occur after eight years of Clinton multinationalism and diplomacy if the concept was valid. 9/11 was a direct result of the Left's fecklessness and failure to address the a rising tide of violence and secure our borders.

The Left's constant whine over the plan, no plan or failed plan (the Left is rather confused on this subject) can be attributed to their 90's domestic policies. The problems we now face on the ground in Iraq are a result of SecDef Les Aspin's "Two Theater" plan that reduced our standing military, intel capacity and relied too heavily on reserve units and electronic survellience.

The Left is so blinded by hatred against their own and hunger for power that they risk our very existence as a nation for an electoral victory. They do not seem to understand that winning the Presidency will be the mother-of-all Pyrrhic victories, as the die was cast on 9/11.

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