January 05, 2004

Delusional TV


Plague and pestilence struck the Feste manse....better today...might live....must post after the nightmarish debate of the Sophist Seven and General Ripper's robotic turn on MTP yesterday.

Notice that the candidates slip in the big lie that Clinton balanced the budget. Kerry proudly claimed he helped put 100k cops on the streets as well. The media never challenges these outright lies. Clinton's pre-mid term election budget had deficits eleven years out...ELEVEN YEARS OUT...for those of you who may have forgotten how miserably the Dems mananged the budget for forty-three years. Ironic that Leiberman is the only candidate not running away from Clinton when the Clinton's selected Clark as their straw man.

There was something about Dean's rolled-up shirt sleeve pose that really grated on me... it was so familiar...then finally hit me:

This is so subtle...Dean is hitching his wagon to RFK's civil rights legacy. Seems very inappropriate given that his party refuses to denounce black anti-Semitism and condones images such as these in their name:


If this best they have, as Senator Ketchup says, "Bring. It. On."

Update: Michele asks if Hilter isn't a bit passe, and as usual she turns the perfect phrase for this nonsense...made me laugh.

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