December 24, 2003

Cows In Berkeley?

First case of mad cow in U.S.!


My bad, couldn't resist. Justin at My Word has an appropriate quote from the NYT:

"There was a time when Mrs. Clinton did her best to fade into the woodwork and be seen as just another lawmaker on Capitol Hill."

Merry Christmas everyone! Blogging will be light-to-nonexistent as the Feste manse prepares for merriment and kinfolk...blogging and general snarkiness will resume Friday.

Posted by feste at December 24, 2003 08:05 AM | TrackBack

Hey, show some respect for
one of the richest and smartest
wimmin in the world.


Posted by: jaspar at December 24, 2003 04:51 PM

See the miserable failure project to see a different graphical treatment. Link to it. Get others to link to it. Currently ranked #6 on google and climbing.

If you're feeling more risqué, add lying sack of shit and cuckolded dyke to your blogroll and encourage others to do likewise. These are also placing high on Google already and simply need a boost.

For anyone who equates W with Hitler, I have NO problem taking off my gloves.

Posted by: Aaron's Rantblog at January 6, 2004 12:46 AM
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