October 28, 2003

Now I'm Really Pissed Off

It's bad enough to watch our military killed and maimed trying to help the Iraqi people...but THIS is beyond the pale.

An item from Zeyad at Healing Iraq. (scroll down to Monday's posts)

Baby bombs

The Mujahedeen are getting very creative day by day. Someone told me yesterday that a woman carrying a baby just a few months old was arrested in front of Al Yarmuk hospital in Baghdad after trying to enter. The IP and FPS found out that the baby was wrapped in explosives between his clothes. After questioning the woman she confessed that the baby was kidnapped and that some Arabs had offered her a considerable amount of money to get the baby inside the crowded emergency hall in the hospital, leave it there and they would do the rest. Pretty amazing isn't it? Hospitals? I can't understand why they didn't hang the woman on the spot. Because obviously the terrorists are craving for some attention. We could have given them all the attention they wanted by doing that.

Thanks to Michele for pointing me to this post...I've been reading Zeyad...now I'll blogroll him as well.

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