July 31, 2003

Opinion Disguised As News

Marduk's back and in fine fettle, he points out "Only one teeny, weeny, problem" with this story:

Palestinian protests security fence as 'Berlin Wall'

One can hardly be surprised...having spent the past forty years revising history to suit their agenda...the Left no longer knows what is true and what isn't. Factor in the Clintonista ethics of convenience, end-justifies-the-means rationale, pedantic rhetoric, desperate clinging to faded glory and scorched earth campaign techniques and you have a political ideology that is pretty much out of touch with reality and moderate voters.

UPDATE: LGF demonstrates why a fence is necessary and why the Palestinians are on the wrong side of history. Many nations, including ours, have waged wars of independence and died for freedom, but this level of inhumanity will consume their society from within. Do they not see that they are destroying their future, not Israel?

An image for those of you who believe the media's anti-Israel spin.

These statistics give lie to the prevailing wisdom from the Left and the media posture that only innocent Palestinians suffer and die daily.

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how bout these statistics http://www.ifamericansknew.org/

palestinians are defending themselves, america is funding isrealis to fight a war. remember how it was illegal for reagan to fund rebels in nicuragua? funding a war for isreal is the same thing.

Posted by: fart at June 4, 2004 07:39 PM
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