July 27, 2003

We Can Be Heros

Congrats to Lair, Meryl and Michele for their splendid effort. It was fun. Sleep well.

A big pat on the back to their readers, bloggers, friends and fans who pledged/donated $14,950 to Magen David Adom during Blogthon 2003.

The marvelous Marduk earns a special place in my heart for his generous pledge sponsoring an hourly French insult. When you care enough to give the very best.

The Blogosphere is often protrayed by old media as an incestous, shallow place full of thunder and ego. Bullshit.

Kudos to all Blogathon 2003 donors for supporting their favorite charities and causes.

Apart from donating to worthy causes and entreating our politicans... we can do something about the hatred and bias creeping into our society like a silent cancer. Americans must guard against anti-Semitism slipping into our conversations, humor and mindset...it is not harmless, clever or chic...it emboldens fanatics to murder.

Just as we stood together forty years ago and declared that Jim Crow and segregation were finished, we must not allow another ancient racial hatred to germinate and florish in our society.

Lynn B, of In Context, sent this to Meryl last night...it expresses my thoughts far more clearly:

"Someone suggested to me recently that the roots of American anti-Semitism are just a carryover from Europe. I don't think so. Anti-Semitism is an ingrained part of Euopean culture, too old and too deep to exorcize in a generation or two. Not so in America, where I believe we really did cast off a lot of the old baggage. American anti-Semitism is a new creature with shallower roots and it's less subtle as well, harder to disguise."

Read it all.

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Thank you...you re really sweet with french i m really upsait to see that...Why????

Posted by: France at July 27, 2003 11:17 AM

You really don't know? let's free associate...maybe you'll get a clue:

Ivory Coast
New Caledonia
Maurice Papon
The Suresnes


get it now?

Posted by: feste at July 27, 2003 03:55 PM
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