May 19, 2003

Voracious Ungulates Invade Oakland Hills

"Eee-eee-eeeh, ee-ee-eeah, ee-eee-eeh".

Hundreds of multi-colored goats munch down the dense shoulder-high vegetation on our hill... not far from where the "91 Firestorm eruped. Prolonged spring rains carpeted the hills with an unusally lush growth of wildflowers and grass. Six-foot high stands of wild fennel and Queen Anne's Lace, acres of oat and rye grass, thickets of lupin and blackberry enterwined with young oak and pine trees are very pretty at the moment but in just a few short weeks it will dry, turn pale and become an inferno-in-the-waiting.

The Goat Guy has arrived with his gaggle of goats, Bernese herding dogs and an old but well maintained Airstream trailer. Happily the goats are a perfect more roaring weed wackers, chain saws and wood chippers at dawn. For the next week, we will have the pleasure of arising to gentle bleating and the sight of goats scrampering about on the hill...joyful in their work.

Posted by feste at May 19, 2003 02:57 PM | TrackBack

Work? That's "work"? They hiring?
How much they pay? Any benefits?


Posted by: jaspar at May 19, 2003 08:10 PM

All the browse you can eat and afternoon naps in the shade.

Wait a minute...that sounds vaguely familiar. ;-)

Posted by: feste at May 20, 2003 01:45 PM
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