January 02, 2003


My heart isn't into blogging, Ben, our English Springer Spaniel died yesterday, he was a fine dog.

Posted by feste at January 2, 2003 05:03 PM

I'm so sorry about your loss.

Posted by: michele at January 2, 2003 06:51 PM

Betcha Old Ben took that ball

with him, straight to heaven ....

You will see him again.

Posted by: jaspar at January 2, 2003 08:08 PM

I am sure he and Pi are having a snuggle right now.


Posted by: feste at January 3, 2003 12:03 AM

I know the empty place in your life in the absence of your good friend. Man's best friend. Not a figure of speech, is it?

Have you other critters, will you after a period of loss start over with a new puppy?

Our dog is almost 4 yrs old, a black lab named Buster. In 1981 we brought home our first male lab, named Zachary. I still call Buster Zach when I get mad at him, which doesn't happen often as it used to. Early, when considering his pedigree name, I voted for Dammit Buster of Goose Creek, since dammit, Buster came out of my mouth with such frequency.

Zachary has a wonderful story to tell. I only know our part in it. I don't know if it will help or hurt at this point, but it tells of our dog's part in our lives.

For a rainy day.. http://www.fragmentsfromfloyd.com/archives/000647.html#000647

Posted by: fredf at January 3, 2003 03:17 PM

Kiril & I know that Ben is watching over you both from rainbow bridge.

Posted by: Paul Wells at January 4, 2003 02:18 PM
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