January 07, 2003

Golden Eye

Larger image of Zoe checking out Harley's crate Busy at work, Harley walking and such. No time to read blogs or the papers today...they went right onto the kitchen floor ( the papers, not the blogs)...who sez the Chronicle is worthless!

As soon as I went downstairs, Zoe, our youngest cat made a them into a tent that would do Dersu Uzala proud. Zoe is having a blast with the puppy...lots of leaping, running and tumbling. The large version of the above image shows her peering into Harley's crate in my office, wondering how to get the tennis ball. Zoe has a deft touch with a tennis ball...dribbles it soccer style...up on her tiptoes...Harley trailing behind her...funniest damn thing you've ever seen.

Posted by feste at January 7, 2003 04:33 PM
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