April 09, 2003

SADDAM TOPPLED Saddam Hussein's hated


Saddam Hussein's hated regime was ended today as hundreds of jubilant Iraqis hauled down a statue of their former dictator.

The Iraqis, with some help from US Marines, wrecked the bronze and marble statue of Saddam in the centre of Baghdad.

Crowds swarmed onto the icon of the fallen leader as Coalition troops rumbled into the centre of the Iraqi capital.

A US armoured military vehicle helped the people pull down the statue after a man had clambered up the pedestal to put a rope around its neck.

Some in the crowd threw rocks, stones and shoes - an insult in the Arab world.

But they paused as another man set about the image of Saddam with a sledgehammer.

Other members of the crowd stepped in for their turn with the hammer as one of the last remaining icons of Saddam's power was wrecked.

Sky's David Chater said: "They are celebrating their freedom with the lynching of Saddam Hussein.

"There is so much fury, so much resentment - so many years when they have not been able to say what they wanted.

"Everyone wants a go with the the sledgehammer."

The huge bronze statue was soon badly damaged with a large hole evident in the marble plinth.

The statue itself was put up less than a year ago - on April 28 last year - to mark Saddam's 65th birthday.

Posted by feste at April 9, 2003 08:19 AM

Let's just hope we find the

goddam WMD's!


Posted by: Jaspar at April 9, 2003 06:04 PM
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