January 17, 2003

Is that a sweet face or what?

Click me!As you can see Harley is growing...he will be three months tomorrow...almost twice the size as in his initial photos. We had a scare a few days ago. Harley developed a very high fever and it looked like the dread Parvo virus...how could fate be so cruel? Tests were done and nothing conclusive found. Most likely an intestinal irritation from something he ingested. Meds cleared it up and he has rebounded with twice the energy. Whew! It was a tense depressing three days at the old manse.

Click the image for a larger version

Posted by feste at January 17, 2003 04:32 PM

What kind eyes. Don't you hate it when the are obviously hurting and can't tell you how to help? Glad he has rebounded and hope you can cope with his improvement!

Posted by: fredf at January 20, 2003 07:55 AM

hoo-boy! has he rebounded...tons of energy...needs lots of walkies and play time.

We have to keep him crated or on a leash in the house. One can't take one's attention off him for a second or he's up to no good.

It's like goat keeping...you have to make sure his tether radius doesn't include anything you do not want chewed.

Last night I was ten feet away folding laundry and he managed to stretch out just enough to reach the corner of my office desk. *G*


Posted by: feste at January 20, 2003 09:17 AM
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