January 19, 2003

Another gorgeous day

We're back on air...I am not happy about my hosting company's new "unhelpful desk".

Actually they might have done me a favor. I didn't dwell on the lunatic fringe protests ...others covered it really well... Right Thinking in SF and Pet Bunny in D.C. and I had nothing to add by the time the site was back up...que sera, sera. In fact I abandonded the ole cockpit for the day.

The day began with predawn walkies...Harley and I had a splendid time. Highly scented mounds of rosemary and lavender cover the hillside...Harley manage to bound through as much as I would allow. We sat on a memorial bench in one of the many outlooks scattered around the hill (this was the area the '91 firestorm began and had the greatest loss of life) sipping coffee (me) and munching puppy cookies (him) in the warm morning sunshine. Birds were spotted, pointed and yapped at... a family of deer popped up beside the orange wire "deer fence" installed in a futile attempt to prevent erosion of the fire trail...eyeballing us as Harley dove behind my legs for shelter. Unperturbed, they sauntered on their way to snack on someone's carefully tended rose bushes. Wonder why we tolerate the ugly fencing and the lack of mature trees on the hill? This is what the backside of our hill looked like half an hour after the firestorm leaped from a backyard into the news cycle.

(Lieberman is stuttering and backfilling his previous positions over minority set asides and quotas with Russert...the man has no shame...recanting his entire career to serve his presidential ambition...what a twit.)

Posted by feste at January 19, 2003 09:55 AM
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